The Bay Direct team offers a unique alternative marketing method for our clients to help increase their exposure, and to give our hosts HUGE discounts on things they love to do!
Why Host An Event
It is so easy to do, no cost and zero work for you, and your employees will love it!
Our Hosts
Appreciation Events works with over 1,500 corporations and other entities in the Bay Area.

Mission Statement

Welcome to Bay Direct Appreciation Events! We offer a simple, easy, and fun way to give your employees discounts on the things they already do every day!

“Loyalty to our people and results for our clients.”

We live and thrive on this philosophy and it has been the cornerstone of our existence from day one. Our success is built upon standards of leading by example at all times and working as hard for our clients as we would for ourselves.

Bay Direct Approach

Bay Direct places its client’s front and center to the public by designing and marketing exclusive promotional print ad campaigns. The company provides face-to-face marketing and sales teams to a diversified clientele. With an unparalleled grassroots marketing campaign, Bay Direct is able to personalize to each of their client’s specific needs. This unique, personal approach has proved successful for our clients, by increasing foot traffic through the doors and raising overall sales.